Financial Freedom To Create Unlimited Applications 

DAZZM’s progressive pricing is flexible, scalable, and budget proof. Create and update unlimited applications to meet your organizational needs, free from the constraints of user-binding licenses. Mid-sized and even significantly larger development teams with varying utilization profiles – heavy, moderate or occasional – gain from a more equalized total platform usage leading to year-over-year savings and sustained ROI. 


Not all users are created equal. With roaming user profile licences based on actual platform utilization, you gain flex-driven pricing that facilitates diverse user types – keeping costs in check, significantly lower than traditional user-based licensing.  

Unlimited Creations

Unleash creativity and endless possibilities with infinite small or large creation projects. Respond to change, extend software solutions or replace in-house workarounds without worrying about exorbitant platform creation costs. 


Freely scale up and or down as needed. Only pay for actual platform usage by user profile, and not user license. Plan for growth, stay on budget. 

Adaptive Pricing for Accelerated Growth 

Break free from traditional pricing. Opt for a scalable, flexible approach to enterprise creation platform pricing.